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About Us

life is full of moments worth celebrating.
there are grand ones to be sure, but there are also thousands of in-between moments that are well worth our delight. our hope is that our books are a simple place to stop and relish in those moments and in the people that make our lives so beautiful.

here’s to beautiful moments 
of all sizes...

  • My name is Kobie and I am a graphic designer. When my first son, Thatcher was born, I could not find a modern, non-cheesy, high quality baby book for him. I set out to create one and started selling them. I quickly learned that I was not alone in a search for a baby book. The first year, I had great customer feedback on what additional things they would like added to the book...I feel I have a product that can be customized with the items that you truly would like to record.
  • We are located in a beautiful small town, Camas, Washington just over the river from Portland, Oregon.
  • Our business started in 2008 and I'm so thankful that I am able to continue to work from home with my 2 active boys
Our books are proudly made in the United States!

As customer recently wrote to me saying,
" I just want to say, I'm a writer and graphic designer, and looked for a long time for the perfect baby book that was not cheesy, and had lots of fluidity for me to make it my own, and yours was the one. Keep up the good work!"