Paying Attention

Being a mom is hardwork. And thinking about writing in a baby book seems out of the question when you haven't had sleep...and coffee and dry shampoo are your best friend.

I was at Powell's Books recently looking through books and stumbled upon this page (now I'm kicking myself that I can't remember the book title).

"By paying attention to the good things that happen in life, you help the brain create positive neural pathways."

It made me realize that this is why we write things down about our children. It helps us think about the positive and helps us in our days.

What if spent just 1 minute writing something down about our kids after they went to bed? A little story or describe their first smile. A baby book does not need to be a project that you set aside hours for. It can be a quick bit here and there.

The days are long and the years are short. I get so caught up in the tasks...getting breakfast finished, packing lunches and forget that I have these precious jewels sitting in front of me. I want to pay attention and think on the positive.