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What Will Your Memories Be?

Cherish the Moments that Matter to You.

How to build your baby book

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Lasting Keepsake

Highest Quality & thoughtfully designed.

Simple & Flexible

Easy to fill out and slip in photos

Baby Book for Busy Moms

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About Our Books

Photo & Journal Pages

Our photo pages are designed to slip in photos easily. (no adhesive or scrapbooking required like most baby books on the market!) Flexible layout to fill out the book with the memories you want to record (and the ones you remember!)

Albums are 9.25 x 9.5 Printed on high-quality natural white cardstock. 40 beautifully designed cardstock pages (20 front and back), 15 photo pages (15 front and back pages to hold 60 photos), and 10 blank cardstock pages,  Acid-free and archival.

Thick Cardstock Quality. Beautiful paper, high quality printing, amazing sturdy album. It becomes an instant heirloom for your family.


Intro Birth Details Page Your Family Tree Your Parents / The Year You Were Born Sharing the News / Sonogram / The Pregnancy Waiting For You to Arrive / Letter to You / The Birth Meeting You / Footprint Milestones / Coming Home /  Month 1 / Month 2 / Month 3 / Month 4 / Month 5 / Month 6 / Month 7 / Month 8 / Month 9 / Month 10 / Month 11 / Month 12 / Showers & Gifts (front and back) / Teeth Chart / Growth Chart / Doctor's Visits (front and back) / Ceremonies & Celebrations (for Baby Dedication/Baptism) / Holidays (spots for 9 Holidays, such as Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Vacation) / Milestones: First Bath, First Smile, Crawling, Sitting, First Foods, Standing, Walking, First Haircut Firsts (a spot for 2 additional firsts) / First Birthday Reflections from the Year / One Year Handprint / PLUS 15 photo pages and 10 blank cardstock pages


Pregnancy & First Year Pages / PLUS 12-18 front and back /18-24 front and back / second birthday / Your Handprint / Two Years (prompts for age 2) / 3rd Birthday / Age 3 Interview / 3 Years (prompts for age 3) / Your Handfprint / 4th Birthday / Age 4 Interview / 4 Years (prompts for age 4) / Your Handprint / 5th Birthday / Age 5 Interview / 5 Years (prompts for age 5) / Your Handprint / First Day of School / Reflections of You / 5 journal pages / Additional 5 photo pages


Tell Their Story...Through Your Eyes

Cherish the Memories.

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This is the perfect baby book! Beautiful pages, but not over-designed. Just the right amount of prompts/words to capture the true highlights, and just the right amount of space for notes/photos through the first year. LOVE that this comes with the photo holder pages. That is what most baby books I’ve seen elsewhere are missing! Blank pages will be great to add notes, photos, mementos, etc as needed. I love that I can add/move pages wherever I need them and I can always add to the book later if needed. Cute, durable cover too. I looked high and low for a baby book and this has everything I need & want, and none of the extra over-the-top nonsense that I dont need. So happy with this!

Happy Customer

This baby books goes beyond an off-the-shelf look without being stuffy. They’re the perfect balance of function, beauty, and personalization. You can tell she pays attention to details, including the materials she uses, because everything is timeless. The thing I enjoy most about her baby books is the structure (and prompts) of the pages but there’s still enough freedom to transform the pages how I want. Everything about her baby books just feels right, like how a book of that nature should be.

Another Satisfied Customer

I bought one for each of my daughters, one in 2014 and the other this year. I like that I can add/remove pages, that there are prompts for ideas on what to write, that they look a little more grown up than babyish, and that they are similar to each other. I like that they seem pretty durable because I would like my girls to be able to each have their own baby books one day and flip through them when they have kids.

Repeat Customer


Keep It Simple. Write It Down.